Final Lift Station 87 Project Completion: September 2021

To protect the City’s investment and minimize risks, construction will be completed in three phases. Schedules for the three phases overlap to maintain an aggressive schedule and minimize the overall construction duration.

Phase 3: Open Cut Pipeline Installation Sequencing & Scheduling

Date Updated: 23 July, 2021
The following dates are estimated and subject to change based on weather, unforeseen conditions, or accommodations:

Gravity Sewer Connections on Alta Vista between Osprey Ave and Pomelo Ave:

Address:                                                                      Date:

1002 S. Osprey & 986 S. Osprey                             Complete

1776 Alta Vista St. & 1777 Alta Vista St.                  Complete

1774 Alta Vista St. & 1763 Alta Vista St.                  Complete

1753 Alta Vista St.                                                    Complete

1750 Alta Vista St.                                                    Complete

1743 Alta Vista St. & 1742 Alta Vista St.                  Complete

1741 Alta Vista St. & 1734 Alta Vista St.                  Complete

1717 Alta Vista St. 1731 Alta Vista St.                      Complete

1720 Alta Vista St.                                                    Complete

1700 Alta Vista St. & 1703 Alta Vista St.                  Complete

*Reclaimed water main to be installed after the gravity sewer.


Gravity Sewer Connections on Pomelo Ave & Pomelo Place:

Address:                                                                     Date:

939 Pomelo Pl to 959 Pomelo Pl                              Complete

Alta Vista & Pomelo Ave to 960 Pomelo Ave             Complete

904 Pomelo Ave to 950 Pomelo Ave                         Complete

Lift Station 7 Demolition & Park Construction           In Progress

*Watermain and reclaimed water mains to be installed after the gravity sewer.


Phase 2: Lift Station 87 Structure

Pre-construction work began in October 2017. Lift Station 87 became operational in October 2020.  Final completion scheduled for November 2020.

Phase 1: Lift Station 87 Microtunneling

This critical project element began in January 2017 and was completed in June 2017.