To protect the City’s investment and minimize risks, construction will be completed in three phases. Schedules for the three phases overlap to maintain an aggressive schedule and minimize the overall construction duration.

Phase 1: Microtunnel pipeline installation

This critical project element was successfully completed in late 2017.

Phase 2: Lift Station 87 construction

To reduce the overall schedule, a contractor was selected for Lift Station 87 construction while the microtunnel work was ongoing. PCL Construction, Inc., began pre-construction work in late 2017 and began demolition of existing structures in January. Construction of Lift Station 87 is expected to be completed in fall of 2020.

Phase 3: Open cut pipeline construction

To reduce the overall schedule, a contractor will be selected for the open cut pipeline construction while Lift Station 87 construction is ongoing. Once Lift Station 87 is substantially complete, the open cut pipeline contractor will be authorized to proceed. Once wastewater can be diverted to Lift Station 87, Lift Station 7 will be decommissioned and demolished. The Lift Station 7 site will be returned to a park-like setting.

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