Project Phases

To protect the City’s investment and minimize risks, construction will be completed in three phases, which overlap to maintain an aggressive schedule and minimize the overall construction duration.

The project is sequenced to accommodate operational constraints. Wastewater currently flows by gravity from Lincoln Drive, along Alta Vista Avenue, down Pomelo Avenue to Lift Station 7. Before the gravity mains along Alta Vista and Pomelo avenues can be replaced and Lift Station 7 decommissioned, flows from Lincoln Drive must be diverted to new Lift Station 87.

Phase 1: Microtunnel pipeline installation

The first phase, the microtunnel under Hudson Bayou, was successfully completed. This component is critical to the success of the project.

Phase 2: Lift Station 87 construction

Once the Hudson Bayou crossing was completed, crews began work to renovate the Lift Station 87 facility, which will feature state-of-the-art equipment, including odor control. Additionally, operations will be fully enclosed, making maintenance activities unnoticeable for residents. Once operational, wastewater flows will be diverted from Lincoln Drive, so the remaining pipelines can be installed.

Phase 3: Open cut pipeline installation

Pipelines will be installed via open cut along Osprey Avenue, Alta Vista Street, Pomelo Avenue and Pomelo Place, and then wastewater flows will be diverted to Lift Station 87. Once flows are diverted, Lift Station 7 will be demolished and the site will be returned to a park-like setting.

Communication with residents and businesses remains a priority. The Lift Station 87 construction office is located at 824 S. Osprey Ave. Project staff are available to provide answers and resolutions to any issues that residents have concerning the project.