Project Overview

The Lift Station 87 Project includes a new, above-ground 9.5 million gallon per day lift station in Luke Wood Park at 1900 Mound Street to replace the existing Lift Station 7 at 935 Pomelo Avenue.The project is necessary to improve the wastewater system and mitigate overflows due to aging infrastructure and equipment.

Wastewater flow will be redirected from Lift Station 7 to Lift Station 87 by a new gravity wastewater transmission main, sections of which have been constructed under Hudson Bayou and Luke Wood Park.

Once completed, the Lift Station 87 Project will improve wastewater service and reliability for City of Sarasota customers, and protect the environment. After Lift Station 87 is fully operational, Lift Station 7 will be decommissioned and that site will be fully restored and landscaped to its park-like setting. The estimated cost to complete the project is $32 million.