December 19, 2020 Project Update

Work Completed this Week:

The deep 24-inch gravity sewer pipe has been installed up to the intersection at Osprey Ave and Alta Vista Street. The contractor is installing road base up to that point so that Osprey Ave can be paved prior to the holiday break.  The new concrete curbs, sidewalks, and aprons have been poured for the Lincoln Drive and Osprey Ave intersection improvements.

Work Upcoming in Next Week:

  • Final grading of road base on Osprey Ave and Lincoln Drive.
  • Pave jobsite on Tuesday 12/22.  Note: the sidewalk in front of Lincoln Park Circle will be replaced and brought up to ADA standards.  The final paving on the South bound lane of Osprey Ave will be completed after the sidewalk and curb replacement for Lincoln Park Circle.  Temporary pavement will be installed in front of Lincoln Park Circle entrance on Tuesday.
  • Cleanup and secure construction area for the holiday break: no work (12/24 – 1/4).

A Lookahead to 2021

  • On January 4th, Garney will close the intersection of Osprey Ave and Alta Vista Street for the installation of the Manhole.  During the first week of January, Garney will install the dewatering wells and header pipes on Alta Vista Street from Osprey Ave to 200 feet West down Alta Vista Street.
  • Garney will bring on a second crew to begin utility replacements on Pomelo Avenue and Pomelo Place.  Adding these additional resources will reduce the overall construction duration for this project.  Door hangers will go out Monday to residents on Pomelo Avenue and Pomelo Place.
  • The overall schedule has been updated on the website.


December 4, 2020 Project Update

Work Completed this Week:

The installation of the gravity sewer pipe on Osprey Ave resumed this week after placing asphalt on the first work segment. Garney has installed the first manhole for the Phase 3 project and installed two pipe segments this week.  On the Lincoln Osprey intersection improvements, the contractor installed road base and poured the curbs and sidewalks on the Northeast corner of the intersection.  

Work Upcoming in Next Week:

  • Continue sewer pipe installation.  The current work plan has the contractor installing sewer pipe until Thursday at which point they will stop and begin the restoration of Osprey Ave for the holiday break (12/24 – 1/4).
  • Form and pour sidewalks, curbs and aprons on the NE and SE side of the Lincoln & Osprey intersection.
  • Remove and replace the sidewalk and cross gutter in front of Lincoln Park Circle.


November 24, 2020 Project Update

Work Completed this Week:

Rain associated with Hurricane Eta delayed the restoration efforts on Osprey Ave.  The 6-inches of rain drenched the road base, which was removed and replaced with dry material. Thankfully, Garney will be able pave the first section of Osprey Ave tomorrow so that gravity sewer pipe installation can continue down Osprey Ave.  In preparation for the gravity sewer installation on Osprey Ave, Garney installed the wellpoints for the groundwater dewatering system as well as located utilities in the corridor.  Garney has also begun to pot-hole and locate utilities on Alta Vista.

On the Lincoln Ave & Osprey Ave intersection, construction of the improvements continue.  Last week, the contractor installed the new stormwater drainage pipes and inlet structures in the intersection.  Sidewalks on the Northeast corner were re-poured. The layer of road base in the intersection and the bridge approach was started. Also, the survey layout of the curbs and ADA ramps for the intersection was staked.

On the Lift Station 87 site, the Lift Station has been in operation full time for almost 4-weeks. The Phase 2 contractor is putting the finishing touches on the building, as well as completing the site work:  road base for the pervious paver driveway, trees & landscaping installation, and irrigation system installation.    

Work Upcoming in Next Week:

  • No work scheduled from Thursday 11/26 to Sunday 11/30 (Happy Thanksgiving!)
  • Wednesday, pave Osprey Ave with first 2-inches of asphalt.
  • Continue gravity sewer installation and set first manhole.
  • Osprey Ave. and Lincoln Drive intersection improvements: curbs, sidewalks, and road base.

Work Planned for December:

To provide a little more detail on how the rest of year looks, the goal the rest of the year is:

  • Install the gravity sewer on Osprey Ave just up to the intersection of Alta Vista.
  • Restore Osprey Ave to where the pipe installation stops (just North of the Alta Vista intersection)
  • Install the 8-inch water main from Bahia Vista to the North Side of the Alta Vista intersection.
  • Have the Osprey & Lincoln Drive intersection improvements complete (less final layer of Asphalt)
  • Demobilize the construction equipment for Osprey Ave.  This includes the trench box – the intent of Garney is to not leave the excavation open during the holiday.  They will either remove the trench box, or install road plates over the excavation.
  • No work Scheduled from December 24 – January 3.

We had hoped to be further along with the project before the Christmas break.  However, Garney is working on a revised work schedule and bringing on more resources to meet the project deadlines.  I will share details on the revised work schedule once I have had a chance to review them.


November 5, 2020 Project Update

Work Completed this Week:

To date, the phase 3 contractor has installed 220 LF of gravity sewer pipe on Osprey Ave.  Over the past two weeks the contractor has been focused on rebuilding Osprey Ave in the work zone where the pipe was installed. Curbs on Osprey Ave have been poured and road base placed and compacted. Work on the Lincoln & Osprey intersections have finally begun.  The contractor tied-in the new stormwater drainage pipe to the existing stormwater structure and ran the pipe across Osprey Ave.

 The forecast for the following week shows wet weather.  Pending severe weather, the following work is scheduled:

 Work Upcoming in Next Week:

  • Continue restoration work on Osprey Ave. South of Lincoln Drive.  This includes installing new curbs, gravel road base, and the first 2” lift of asphalt.
  • Install Wellpoints on Osprey Ave south to Alta Vista Street.
  • Continue gravity sewer installation and set first manhole
  • Osprey Ave. and Lincoln Drive intersection improvements.  The contractor will continue the stormwater drainage pipe and stormwater inlets on Osprey Ave and Lincoln Drive.