Lift Station 87

6/17/19 – Osprey Avenue Milling & Paving Begins Tomorrow

At 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday, June 21, crews will begin milling Osprey Avenue from Mound Street to just south of the Osprey Bridge. Paving and temporary striping will occur on Thursday; permanent striping will be done about one month after paving is completed.

Access will be maintained during these activities, and flaggers and crew members will direct traffic. Motorists are encouraged to use caution while driving in the area. Once the work zone is safe, the bridge sidewalks will be re-opened to pedestrian traffic. The bridge is expected to re-open to vehicular traffic in July.

5/6/17 – Demobilization on Osprey Ave. has Started

The second and final microtunnel is approximately 25 percent complete and work continues. Meanwhile, crews are beginning the process to restore the work zone and reopen Osprey Avenue. Construction equipment and materials are being removed from the site. Workers are installing a new manhole in Osprey Avenue, then will start the street and sidewalk restoration. We are optimistic Osprey will reopen to pedestrian traffic in June, followed by vehicular traffic a short time later.

4/27/17 – Microtunneling Under Luke Wood Park Begins

The Lift Station 87 contractor began installing the second and final microtunnel segment this week. This work connects the Lift Station 87 site with the previously installed 36-inch wastewater main under Hudson Bayou and is critical to the success of MTBM 2nd launch 4_webthe Lift Station 87 project. The microtunnel operation under Luke Wood Park is anticipated to last three to four weeks. The contractor will work 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Click here to read the full news release.

4/19/17 – Shaft Removal – Osprey Avenue South of Osprey Bridge

On Thursday, crews will begin removing the microtunnel shaft located on Osprey Avenue just south of the Osprey Bridge. The 30-foot deep shaft is being backfilled, then the contractor will use a vibratory hammer to remove the sheet piling walls that were used to stabilize the shaft. Residents may hear noise and feel some vibration from this activity, which will occur during normal construction hours.

Once the work zone is safe, the bridge will be re-opened to pedestrian traffic. That is expected to occur in May or June. The bridge is expected to re-open to vehicular traffic in July.

4/14/17 – Second Microtunnel Segment to Begin Next Week

Crews are making final preparations to begin the second microtunnel segManholement of the Lift Station 87 project next week. The microtunnel boring machine will be placed in the shaft at the Lift Station 87 site and will be guided westward to the shaft at the intersection of Osprey Avenue and Mound Street.

Additionally, crews have placed and connected a manhole south of Hudson Bayou, and are now backfilling the shaft. That work will continue through next week.

4/5/17 – Osprey Bridge to Re-Open This Summer

The first microtunnel segment on the Lift Station 87 project is completed and the new 36-inch diameter wastewater main has been installed under Hudson Bayou and Osprey Avenue. Crews pressure tested the pipe this week and will continue to place manholes and restore the area. Once the work zone is safe, the bridge will be re-opened to pedestrian traffic. That is expected to occur in May or June.

The bridge is expected to re-open to vehicular traffic in July.

The contractor is scheduled to begin the second microtunnel segment of the project the week of April 17. That microtunnel will go from a shaft at the Lift Station 87 site and be guided westward to the shaft at Osprey Avenue and Mound Street intersection.

4/1/17 – 36-inch Wastewater Pipe Installed Under Hudson Bayou and Osprey Ave.

Crews recently completed installing all of the 36-inch diameter wastewater pipeline inside the steel casing that was installed under Hudson Bayou and Osprey Avenue. The steel casing was installed during microtunneling, which was completed March 14. During the next week, crews will pressure test and video inspect the wastewater line.

2/17/17 – Microtunneling Clears Hudson Bayou and Bridge

The Lift Station 87 microtunnel boring machine has successfully passed beneath both Hudson Bayou and the Osprey Bridge abutment. Microtunneling began Saturday, Jan. 28, 2017, and has progressed at an average of 20 feet per day. Microtunneling work continues 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

2/3/17 – Gas Main Work

Starting the week of Feb. 6, TECO will be working on the gas main along Osprey Avenue between Alta Vista and Lincoln Drive. If you have questions regarding this work, please call Daniel Shanahan of TECO Energy at 941-342-4006.

1/10/17 – FDOT Night Work

Currently, the Lift Station 87 Project is not performing any nighttime work. If you are hearing construction noise after hours, it could be FDOT’s Mound Street resurfacing work, which is occurring nightly.  If you have a concern regarding the resurfacing project, please contact FDOT’s communication officer, Lauren Hatchell, at 941-708-4418.


FDOT Mound Street Resurfacing


12/14/16 – Temporary Lane Closures on Osprey Avenue South of Mound Street

There will be temporary lane closures on northbound Osprey Avenue south of Mound Street periodically over the next two weeks. Access to Central Park Condominiums and Bay Street will be maintained. During the closures, traffic will be directed around the worlaneclosuresk zone by flaggers and crew members. Motorists should expect delays and are encouraged to use caution while driving in this area.  Both lanes will remain open outside of working hours and during the upcoming holidays. The lane closures are necessary to keep motorists safe as Lift Station 87 construction crews install a microtunnel shaft and relocate existing utilities in the area. The Lift Station 87 project team appreciates the community’s patience during microtunnel installation; the area will be returned to the previous traffic pattern as soon as possible.

12/11/16 – Field Crews Locating Buried Utilities

Surveyors have completed locating and marking existing utilities. Beginning Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016, field crews will be in the area for five weeks verifying the underground location of buried utilities. Field personnel will be working on Osprey Avenue, Lincoln Drive, Alta Vista Street, Pomelo Avenue and Pomelo Place conducting small vacuum excavations, called “soft digs,” to confirm the depth of existing utilities. This information is necessary for future phases of the Lift Station 87 project to be properly engineered and successfully completed.  No work will be performed Dec. 23-26 and Jan.1-2.  Field personnel will be wearing bright safety vests for visibility; please use caution when driving in their vicinity. 


11/14/16 – Southwest Corner of Luke Wood Park Closed for Microtunnel Shaft Construction

The southwest corner of Luke Wood Park is closed as construction crews prepare to install the second of three microtunnel shafts. The contractor will install the shaft using a vibratory hammer attached to a tall crane that forces metal sheeting into the ground. The sheeting stabilizes the shaft walls for safety during microtunneling.

Safety for residents during construction is a priority. To keep motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists safe, the construction site on the southeast corner of South Osprey, Mound Street and Luke Wood Park is enclosed in fencing. Residents’ access to the sidewalks in this vicinity is restricted.sidewalk_access

Luke Wood Park is still accessible, but residents should use alternate pathways (shown in yellow and blue) around the construction. Sidewalks remain open on the west side of South Osprey and on the north and south sides of Mound Street. A temporary gravel pathway will be installed near the southeast corner of Mound Street and Osprey Avenue to provide a walking surface to the permanent sidewalk. This corner of the park is expected to re-open in January.

Residents can expect to hear construction activity intermittently over the next six weeks. The contractor will use vibration monitors near the construction zone to protect private property. If the monitors detect excessive vibration, the contractor will modify the construction approach.

11/9/16 – Traffic Pattern Change at Mound and Osprey

Please be advised that the traffic pattern at South Osprey Avenue and Mounds Street have shifted in preparation for microtunnel shaft installation in the coming weeks. Two-lane, two-way traffic will be maintained throughout construction. Please use caution when driving in the area with the new pattern. mot_shift_11-9-16


If you have questions, call the Lift Station 87 communications line at 941-356-8071.

Traffic Concerns?

The project’s maintenance-of-traffic plan is being monitored, and Sarasota Police Department continues monitoring traffic on Orange Ave. If you have traffic questions or concerns outside the maintenance of traffic plan, please call 941-365-2200 xt 4375.

Lift Station 7

There are no Lift Station 7 alerts at this time.

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