February 19 Update

Garney has installed 7 pipe segments (96 feet) of the deep gravity sewer down Alta Vista Street.  They will continue to install pipe down Alta Vista and begin to make the residential sewer service connections.  On Pomelo Place, the Water, Reclaimed, Sewer, and Storm utilities have been installed. The Contractor is installing the road base material and will be paving Pomelo Place ASAP.  The second crew that completed Pomelo Place is going to move over to Osprey Avenue next week to install the reclaimed water improvements and begin the drinking water pipe from Alta Vista to Bahia Vista.  The goal is to have all utilities in the Alta Vista and Osprey Ave intersection complete so that restoration of the intersection can be completed concurrent with the first segment of work on Alta Vista. The first segment on Alta Vista is scheduled to be complete 3/10/21 with restoration to follow promptly.

With the issues encountered in January with the watermain, we have lost some time on the schedule.  I have updated the LS87 website with the latest schedule projections for Alta Vista sewer work.

 Work Completed last two Weeks:

  • Installed (7) pipe segments on Alta Vista Street.
  • Installed Reclaimed Water, Potable Water, and Storm Sewer on Pomelo Place.
  • Installed Road Base on Pomelo Place.

 Work Upcoming in Next Week:

  • Continue installation of deep gravity sewer on Alta Vista, connect residential sewer services.
  • Install reclaimed water mains in Osprey and Alta Vista intersection.
  • Start watermain replacement for Osprey Ave between Bahia Vista and Alta Vista Street.


February 6 Update

Please see the update below.  With the issues encountered the last two weeks with the watermain in the intersection of Osprey and Alta Vista, the contractor has lost some time on the schedule.  I have received their February schedule update yesterday, and I will be reviewing it this week.  I will post and update to the website schedule page once I have met with Garney to review and discuss.

 Work Completed last two Weeks:

  • The manhole in the intersection of Osprey and Alta Vista was set.
  • The first pipe was laid down Alta Vista Street.
  • The drinking water valves in the intersection of Osprey Ave and Alta Vista Street were replaced under an emergency watermain shutdown.
  • The new 8-inch sewer Pomelo Place was installed.
  • The new 6-inch reclaimed water main on Pomelo Place was installed (in progress)
  • The concrete work in front of Lincoln Park Circle was completed.
  • The base course of asphalt on Osprey Ave was installed on the bridge and on Lincoln Drive.

 Work Upcoming in Next Week:

  • Install 24-inch sewer pipe on Alta Vista Street.
  • Continue 6-inch reclaimed water main on Pomelo Place.
  • Start the 6-inch drinking water main on Pomelo Place.


January 22 Update:

Work Completed this Week:

The residential sewer bypass systems were installed for the homes on the Eastern half of Alta Vista (between Pomelo and Osprey Ave). Residential sewer bypasses were also installed on Pomelo Place.  The contractor began to excavate for the manhole in the intersection of Osprey Ave and Alta Vista Street, however, the existing 10-inch watermain that runs along Alta Vista Street started to leak and fail.  The contractor secured and restrained the pipe to stop the leak and prevent a failure of this watermain.  A failure of this watermain would be very bad – so we are doing the following:

  • We are going to install a new valve on the East side of the intersection.  This will enable us to remove pressure from the section of the watermain that is compromised.
  • All of the valves, fittings, and joints in the area are going to be restrained to secure and protect the pipe.
  • Concrete thrust blocks will be installed to anchor the pipe.

Installation of the new valve will require the watermain on Alta Vista from Osprey Ave to Lincoln Drive to be shut-down for a few hours.  We will do this at night time to minimize disruption (10PM to 2AM).  Currently this is planned for Wednesday night.  If your home is in the shutdown area, we will provide you with a door hanger notice early next week, then a boil water advisory notice, and finally a recission notice when all of the bacteriological tests have passed.

Crews have installed the new 8” sewer line on Pomelo Place, just South of the old Lift Station 7 facility.  Work will continue on Pomelo Place on the East side next week.

The work on the Lincoln Drive and Osprey Ave intersection is nearing completion. On Monday, the second half of Lincoln Park Circle entrance and sidewalk will be removed.  Concrete is scheduled for Tuesday with paving in front of Lincoln Park Circle and the Osprey Ave bridge scheduled for Friday.

 Work Upcoming in Next Week:

  • Secure existing watermain in the intersection of Osprey and Alta Vista.
  • Install manhole in the intersection of Osprey and Alta Vista.
  • Concrete work on Lincoln Park Circle entrance / sidewalk.
  • Base course paving on Osprey Ave in front of Lincoln Park Circle and Osprey bridge.
  • Continue gravity sewer installation on Pomelo Place.