October 24, 2020 Project Update

Work Completed this Week:
Work continues on the gravity sewer on Osprey Ave.  Garney installed six (6) pipe segments this week. They are three pipe segments away from setting the first manhole in Osprey Ave.

The new Lincoln Drive watermain is complete.  All services have been moved over to the new main and the old main was grout-filled and abandoned.  We submitted our certification to the State Department of Environmental Protection to allow us to place the new Lift Station 87 online.

Work Upcoming in Next Week:

  • Connect new sewer services to first three houses on Osprey Ave to new gravity main.
  • Begin restoration work on Osprey Ave. South of Lincoln Drive.  This includes installing new curbs, gravel road base, and the first 2” lift of asphalt.
  • Osprey Ave. and Lincoln Drive intersection improvements.  The contractor will begin the stormwater drainage pipe and stormwater inlets on Osprey Ave and Lincoln Drive.


October 16, 2020 Project Update

Work Completed this Week:
Work continues on the gravity sewer on Osprey Ave.  Since getting the groundwater dewatering system under control, Garney has installed a pipe segment every day this week – Garney actually got 2 pipes installed on Thursday. This confirms the type of production we were expecting and what we presented at the 9/1 zoom meeting.

Crews connected the new Lincoln Drive watermain to the Osprey Ave main today. On Monday, they will connect the end at Yale Ave.  When this happens, the contractor will need to turn off the water main on Lincoln Drive so the section of pipe can be removed and the new pipe installed.  I distributed notices to residents on Lincoln Drive that will be effected. The schedule is to turn off the watermain on Lincoln Drive at 10AM on Monday 10/19, the existing pipe will be cut and capped, we will turn the water back on as soon as possible – hopefully under 30 minutes, but I indicated 10AM to 12:00PM to be safe.  Once the new main is connected, the Contractor will move each water service over to the new main.  We will provide a door hanger and a knock on the door to make sure it is OK to turn off the water to switch the service over to the new main – this should only take 20 – 30 minutes.   

We continued to run Lift Station 87 this week.  Most of the minor issues have been resolved and we still anticipate the station going online next week.  Once that happens the bypass pumps at the intersection of Osprey and Lincoln will be turned off and we can get started with the Lincoln Drive and Osprey Ave intersection improvements.

Work Upcoming in Next Week:

  • Tie-in Lincoln Drive watermain at Yale Ave.  Move home water services over to the new main.
  • Start Osprey Ave and Lincoln Drive intersection improvements.
  • Garney Construction will continue excavation and installation of the 24” gravity sewer on Osprey Ave.
  • Tuesday will be a slow day for construction – Garney has a company-wide safety meeting and training most of the day.


October 10, 2020 Project Update

Work Completed this Week:
Garney Construction installed additional well points this week – the additional well points were effective and they were able to get the groundwater table low enough to install the first pipe segments for the deep sewer pipe. So, we are underway with the deep gravity sewer installation. As mentioned last week, this issue put us a few weeks behind schedule. I have updated the schedule on and will continue to do so.  

Lift Station 87 started pumping sewage for the first time on Thursday and Friday.  All the systems are looking good at the station, and I anticipate we will be able to submit our certification to the FDEP next week to request putting LS87 into operation permanently.  Until we have that clearance, the bypass pumping system will stay at the Osprey and Lincoln intersection.  Depending on the review time, I’m hoping we can remove the bypass pumps from the site the week of 10/19. By then, Garney will be further south down Osprey and we can begin the restoration of Lincoln and Osprey intersection. 

Work Upcoming in Next Week:

  • Tie-in Lincoln Drive watermain and move water services over to the new main. We are waiting for the State’s OK to complete the connections.
  • Replace sidewalk panels damaged or removed on Osprey Ave.
  • Garney Construction will continue excavation and installation of the 24” gravity sewer and begin moving towards the South.


Phase 3 Work to Begin in August; Public Meeting Sept. 1
The Lift Station 87 project is less than a year away from completion, with crews making Exterior of Lift Station 87 in July 2020significant progress on the lift station building. The Phase 3 contractor is ready to begin the final phase of the project in August.

The two-story Lift Station 87 building exterior is 90 percent complete. Residents can see the completed brickwork and other architectural elements from the road. Inside the building, the contractor is finishing equipment installation, with pumps, pipes and valves being placed. The Lift Station 87 electrical system is ready to accept power to begin the start-up process.

Crews are also continuing the Phase 2 sewer work at Lincoln Drive and South Osprey Avenue. The city expects this work to be completed by the end of August, at which point wastewater will begin to be diverted to Lift Station 87. Although this work has taken a bit longer than expected, the city still anticipates Lift Station 7 will be taken offline by the end of March 2021.

The city awarded Garney Construction the contract for Phase 3 open-cut gravity sewer main installation after a competitive bid process. Garney expects to mobilize crews to the area by Aug. 24 and begin locating underground utilities in preparation for pipe installation shortly thereafter. Work on Phase 3 will overlap with the work on Phase 2, to minimize the disruption and the length of construction in the area.

The Lift Station 87 project team promised residents in the construction zone that a public meeting would be held to present the Phase 3 construction plan. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an in-person meeting is not possible at this time. In lieu of an in-person meeting, an online virtual public meeting will be held on Sept. 1, 2020, at 6:00 p.m. Project staff will present details on the work being performed, what the residents can expect during construction, and what measures are being taken to minimize disruption during construction. Those in the construction zone will receive a door hanger with participation information. The city will also post information on the project website and distribute an email alert.

If you have questions, call the Lift Station 87 communications line at 941-356-8071.

Osprey Avenue to be Closed May 26, 2020 – March 2021
Road closed and detour signs at Osprey AvenueMay 15, 2020 — Osprey Avenue will be closed just north of Hudson Bayou to Alta Vista Street from May 26, 2020 through March 2021. Traffic will be detoured to Mound Street/U.S. 41. During the closure, crews will replace water and sewer pipelines as well as install new manholes and valves at the intersection of Osprey Avenue and Lincoln Drive. Watch this short video to learn more.

Contractor Proposes May 26, 2020 Closure of Osprey Avenue
April 21, 2020 — As Lift Station 87 nears completion, the contractor’s work schedule proposes the closure of Osprey Avenue beginning May 26, 2020, from just north of Hudson Bayou to Alta Vista Street. The closure will allow crews to replace water and sewer pipelines as well as install new manholes and valves at the intersection of Osprey Avenue and Lincoln Drive. Once that is completed, crews will excavate and install gravity sewer mains along Alta Vista, Pomelo Avenue and Pomelo Place. The partial closure of Osprey Avenue will continue through March 2021 to facilitate the water and sewer utility work in the area. Variable message boards will be placed in the area next week to inform motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Resident Input Shapes Phase 3 Construction
Feb. 21, 2020 – The Lift Station 87 Project is an investment in resilient, reliable infrastructure for all City of Sarasota residents. The new 9.5 million gallon-per-day capacity lift station in Luke Wood Park will replace the existing Lift Station 7 at 935 Pomelo Avenue. Wastewater flow will be redirected from Lift Station 7 to Lift Station 87 by a new gravity wastewater transmission main, part of which has been constructed under Hudson Bayou, along the Osprey Avenue corridor.

Phase 3 construction will impact those living and traveling in the construction zone, so the project team sought resident input during a public meeting on Dec. 5, 2019. Using resident input, the project team modified Phase 3 construction documents to minimize community impact by:

  • Limiting the contractor to 200 feet of roadway impacts at a time, so that only four to six houses on both sides of the road will be impacted.
  • Requiring temporary parking within the construction zone, eliminating off-site, remote parking.
  • Requiring temporary, ADA-compliant pedestrian access to homes, so residents can walk to their front doors.
  • Requiring mail, trash, recycling and other deliveries to continue without disruption.
  • Requiring clean fill to speed construction, reduce the need for compaction, thereby minimizing vibration.

In the coming weeks, members of the project team will be available to meet one-on-one with affected property owners to review plans and discuss how construction may affect individual properties. Those along the phase 3 route will receive a door hanger with information on how to schedule a one-on-one meeting.