The City of Sarasota is committed to improving its wastewater system and providing reliable service for its utility customers. The Lift Station 87 Project is an important part of that commitment.

In July 2015, the City Commission approved the Lift Station 87 project for final design and construction. The project now includes a number of enhancements to ensure reliable water and wastewater service to area customers. Lift Station 87 will now be built above-ground to withstand a Category 3 storm surge. Other enhancements include installing reclaimed water mains to provide the area with an environmentally friendly source of irrigation water, replacing aging water mains to improve water pressure, installing new sewer mains, fully resurfacing roadways curb to curb and landscaping the Lift Station 7 site, once decommissioned.

Construction on Phase 1 – Microtunneling began in 2016, and the overall project is tentatively scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020.

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